Happy Birthday to BonksMullet.com!

by Bonk's Mullet

Today marks the first anniversary of the first blog post on BonksMullet.com! One year ago today I was travelling to Pittsburgh to watch your Ottawa Senators get totally dismantled in the second round of the playoffs. This site started as a place for me to dump out my long form silliness, and I never imagined it would evolve into the fantastic team of writers/extremely amateur comedians it has over the past year.

A few days after its inauguration on May 17th, 2013, Chet Sellers and Kevin Lee signed up for the ride, and we rode that wave all the way to an immediate and crushing playoff loss. Amidst the naive optimism that swept the fanbase in September, a fresh-faced Luke Peristy joined the site. As Kevin became famous for his GIFs, Chet and Luke became infamous for their side-splitting game summaries - side-splitting in the way that eating an entire cake is side-splitting. Chet's monthly off-ice power rankings and Chet and Luke's podcast have become pillars of this fine institution.

As we rolled into November, Capital Gains asserted himself as the go-to photoshopper/comic-maker extraordinaire of the fan base, and he was quickly welcomed into the crew. Shortly afterward, Brochenski, famous for his sophisticated data analysis combined with a heavy dose of potty humour, tossed his hat into the ring. With the season winding down in March, BonksMullet.com threw some much-needed youth into the lineup by adding Steve (On Sens) to the ranks. Steve, Gainsy, and Kevin combined for a fantastic one-two-three punch as their Photoshop Gameday Previews quickly became a fan favourite, especially for number one fan Matt Kassian. We're not really sure what Brochenski does here.

And here we are a year later! Time for a group hug.

Chet's hugs always linger a little longer than they should
Many thanks go to Silver Seven for giving me a place to start writing (they're consistently looking for quality Sens bloggers if you're looking for a gig). As always, huge thanks to Ian Mendes, James Gordon, 6th Sens, Sens Chirp, Travis Yost, and all others who have shared our posts throughout the year.

Most of all, thanks to the readers! Sens humour is a bit of a niche market but we consistently get about 1,000 people reading each our posts, and we've written 260 of them(!), so we're extremely grateful for that. Hopefully we see that number skyrocket in the future when the Sens become the talk of the league! (Hopefully for their success)

Top 10 11 BonksMullet.com Posts of 2013-2014

To cap off the year, here are my personal top 10 favourite BonksMullet.com posts of the season. You can see all of our favourite posts with the "Best Of" tag here. This was extremely difficult to narrow down to 10 11. (Edit: I added one in honour of all of the fallen Senator UFA's) Be sure to let me know how you disagree with my rankings in the comments!
  1. "A Senators Christmas Carol" by Chet Sellers
  2. "The Ottawa Senators Halloween Costume Party" by Capital Gains
  3. "Designs Considered for the Ottawa Senators Heritage Classic Jersey" by the Bonk's Mullet staff
  4. "Photoshop Battle: Eric Gryba fights Cody McCormick...sort of" by the Bonk's Mullet staff
  5. "Game Summary - Game 20: Ottawa loses 4-1 to Bob Rossky" by Bonk's Mullet
  6. Alfie's Return to Ottawa summarized in tweets and in song (by lots of people)
  7. "Game Summary by Robin Lehner: Robin Lehner Beats Montreal" (featuring #LehnerFacts) by Bonk's Mullet Robin Lehner
  8. "A Brief History of Eugene Melnyk" by Luke Peristy
  9. "Game Summary - Game 66: Senators @ Canadiens - Joke Night" by Chet Sellers
  10. "2013 Year in Review" by Chet Sellers
  11. "The Eight Types of Senators Home Games" by Luke Peristy

If all goes as planned, I'm hoping to revamp the site at some point this summer, although that's being complicated by a move to Calgary and trying to write a Master's Thesis. Before I leave the U.S. of A., I'll be bringing you in depth coverage of the draft here in Philly. 

Thanks for reading, everyone!

- Eric

P.S. Leave us some comments. We love comments. Big shout out to that guy who only comments about cribbage and rugby.

Edit: I forgot to thank Radek Bonk! Sorry for stealing your image, friend. Somewhere out there, that man is so, so confused. It's my dream to sit down and do a one-on-one with him some day. He's moving back to Ottawa, so we'll have to make it happen. Thanks Bonko!
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