- Under Construction

Well hello there sports fans. You have found your way to the best Sens blog run by a novelty haircut on the whole internet. Pat yourself on the back for that. I apologize that the site is pretty ugly at this point. I'm working on that. I would say I'm working out the kinks, but without the kinks, there would be nothing left. Hence this warning sign:

I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity I've had to write for Peter Vowelmakers and the crew over at, and I plan to continuing to do so while I get this site sorted out over the coming months (if they'll have me). Thanks again to everyone who has helped me along the way. Especially Rihanna, or "Rude Gyal" as she's asked me to call her.

I'll be at the Pens game on Friday, and game 4 on Wednesday, so there should be many an antic had in the coming week.

Thanks for reading!
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