Game Summary - Game 27: Red Wings vs. Senators - I'm Coming Home Again

by Bonk's Mullet and Chet Sellers

They say you can never go home again. Well, that's not technically true; you can go home again, but Robin Lehner lives there now and he refuses to turn on the furnace. Daniel Alfredsson may not be going home tonight, but he's going to the next closest place, the Canadian Tire Centre.

You've already read and seen plenty about what tonight does or doesn't mean, from Silver Seven Sens' excellent reassessment of Alfredsson's hagiography to other idiots expressing their anguish through the majesty of song. But despite everyone's search for answers, as game night approaches, we're only left with more questions - will anyone actually boo Daniel Alfredsson? Will the emotion surrounding this evening have any impact on the man himself? And most importantly, will the Senators be able to beat the Red Wings for a third time?

We've decided to summarize the game by putting a finger to the pulse of the Sens Army. Here's reaction to Alfie's return via the tweets of Sens fans.


First Period

Second Period

Third Period

Closing Thoughts

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