Photoshop Battle - Eric Gryba fights Cody McCormick...sort of

by the Bonk's Mullet Staff

Earlier this evening, Eric Gryba tried to fight Cody McCormick. This was the result...

And like flies take to honey, or like Chris Neil takes to last-minute hooking penalties, Twitter's best answered with a plethora of photoshops. Here we go...

"Fatality" by our very own @Capital_Gains65
"Skrillex Mosh Pit" by @WhiteLeaf55
"Eric Gryba does not like snowball fights" by @Capital_Gains65
"Eric Gryba in the ring tonight" by @djempey
"Eric Gryba realizes he shouldn't have skimped on skydiving lessons" by @BonksMullet
"Gryba came in like a wrecking ball" by @Capital_Gains65
"Eric Gryba the Cossack dancer" by @tcote
"Eric Gryba hunting 'accident'" by @Capital_Gains65
"Eric Gryba's Neverending Story" by @WhiteLeaf55
"Eric Gryba changes hockey fights forever" by our very own @BringBackLee

"Isn't it almost Oscar season?" by @tcote
"Eric Gryba is not a fan of horses" by @Capital_Gains65
"Eric...I am your father." by @Capital_Gains65
"Mad #Pesky Men" by @Capital_Gains65
And your winner is...
"Eric Gryba can't figure out the Sens Flash Mob Dance." by @BringBackLee

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