Bonk's Mullet and Sens Nation present: #MulletNation - A game 5 meet-up for Sens fans

by Bonk's Mullet

Attention Ottawa Senators fans:

This Friday, come watch game 5 with me, @SensNation, and others. This event is partially to raise funds for the Sens Money on the Board campaign, but mostly just to scream at the television together, with or without pants.

Here's the official Facebook event page. I also just created a Facebook page today. Please like it, and me.

A $10 donation to Sens Money on the Board is recommended for all attendants. Donations can be pledged through the usual site, or by texting "Sens" to 45678. I'm not going to come after you for donations, but if you come, please pledge to the cause!

We've contacted the bar, but we don't have a special reservation or anything. Come EARLY (i.e. definitely before 6) or you won't get a seat. We almost definitely won't all be able to sit together either, but this won't be a problem if we take over the entire bar. ;) #lalala

Don't forget your ID, and don't forget to be 19.

We look forward to meeting all of you!

Did I mention you should come early?

Radek Bonk's Mullet (and if you come, please just call me Eric. I will also accept Erik)
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