CAPITAL MANES: Live Blog of Bonk's Mullet's return to Ottawa

by BonksMullet

Join me as I tread unknown waters: from the airport, to TV interviews, to behind the scenes action at the game.

Thanks to @Brochenski (a must-follow) for that headline. I will be updating this blog throughout the day. Be sure to check back frequently.

Live Blog (in reverse chronological order - click images to enlarge)

4:45 PM: Not sure how active I'll be online at the game, but stay tuned for a special photo or two. Come say hi in section 104 row K!

4:40 PM: About to leave for the game. Pre-#Rihannaing jitters are taking over. I knew I shouldn't have skipped my usual pre-game meal:
You can take the man out of Philly, but you can never take the irreversible damage to your arteries and general well-being out of the man

2:30 PM: Interview with 1310 news. If Latendresse were to ask me if I was getting any press today, this would be my response:

12:45 PM: Extremely necessary.
 Good to be back in Canada for some Creemore!

12:10 PM: People at the airport must have been so disappointed when a TV crew plus Sens fans waiting around in jerseys resulted in nothing but some skinny dude with bad posture.

The camera man was a Habs fan and therefore incompetent. #CameramanSucks

12:00 PM: Reunited with the whole mullet family! I am a super Sens.
11:30 AM: Wait. So you're saying they don't have separate lines at customs for Twitter parody accounts?
Missed that maple leaf - on a red background that is

11:00 AM: Approximately 3 Zdeno Charas above sea level.
Take that Chris Hadfield

10:00 AM: Skymall offers a lot of excellent choices for an aspiring young mullet. I pulled the trigger and got myself one of these bad boys:
I hope there's a setting to go light on the top.

9:15 AM: The plane has arrived at the gate. It's the Cory Conacher of planes.

9:00 AM: Just made it to my gate on time, only to learn that the plane is going to be 25 minutes late, much like the Ottawa Senators every night. #peskyPlane

8:45 AM: I made it through security without a hitch. In fact, they didn't even scan me. Turns out they're not big on patting down passengers who aren't wearing pants.

8:00 AM: My cab driver did not have appropriate change. I followed the lead of my hockey idols and gave him a solid donkey punch to the back of the head.

7:25 AM: Thanks to @DJCS0 for coining the official hashtag of the day: #BonksBack I've decided to go with #OttaBonk, as suggested by @wtyky. #HomewardBonk was also considered.

7:00 AM: Same essentials packed as last time: Socks, underwear, and a Sens jersey.

6:50 AM: No human should ever have to wake up this early. Luckily I am but a simple head of hair and immune to human shortcomings like "being tired." Just ask Alfie's mop.
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