Stay Classy Sens Fans

by SensForLife11

Unfortunately in sports, blowout losses in the playoffs can bring the worst out in the home crowd. Fans of the opposition can find themselves the target of angry and potentially drunk home fans. I witnessed this myself with the Sens finding themselves on the wrong side of a 7-3 scoreboard.

In one situation, an angry Sens fans grabbed the cap off the head of a Penguins fan sitting in front of him, holding it hostage before throwing it several rows below him. It landed on another Sens fan's lap. He picked up the hat and the large majority of people probably expected him to toss it back up to the Penguins fan. However, this fan turned around and upon seeing the Penguins fan asking for his hat back, decided to throw it over the 300 rail down to the 100 level. Come on now, that's just uncalled for. To add insult to injury, security took him away afterwards (likely for prevent the situation from blowing up further). He wasn't even able to finish watching the game!

In the other situation, a Penguins fan walked down the aisle down to one of the 300 level entrance with a few minutes left on the clock and began showing off his jersey to the home crowd. Ok, slightly annoying, but just ignore it. Instead, several Sens fans threw their half full beers towards the Penguins fan soaking him in liquid before he was escorted away by security for his own safety.

On behalf of all Sens fans I'd like to apologise to these Penguins fans and any others that may have found themselves in similar situations tonight. Luckily the large majority of the crowd was turned off by these actions, such as booing the fan who threw the hat over the railings. When your team loses, accept the loss and deal with it. Don't be classless and make an entire fanbase look bad. Congrats to Pittsburgh on a great game tonight, and hopefully the Sens can take it right back to them for Game 5!
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