Introducing the Bonk's Mullet Dream Team: Kevin Lee and Chet Sellers

by Bonk's Mullet

Welcome our newest writers to the blog

It's been an exciting week. First, I was offered to be flown to Ottawa for game 4 for my work with Sens Money on the Board. Second came the launch of After attending the game in Pittsburgh yesterday, I couldn't have imagined I'd have any more news to come out this week. 

Today, in advance of game 3 I'm proud to announce the addition of two Twitter superstars to the blog. Introducing: Kevin Lee and Chet Sellers. Also be sure to check out Chet's first article.

Kevin Lee (SensForLife11)

Born and raised and still residing in the middle of nowhere, Kevin had no choice but to follow the herd. He is now a full time season ticket holder and a Senators memorabilia collector.

Kevin's social media breakout moment was the creation of the "History Will Be Made - Matt Carkner" YouTube video in the 2011 playoffs. Thanks to the Bonk's Mullet Bump™, Kevin has developed a reputation as the Sens GIF master along with the occasional photoshop or video.

Twitter: @SensForLife11
Other blogs:
YouTube Channel: SensForLife11
Email: sensforlife11 at gmail dot com

Chet Sellers

Chet Sellers was given a Twitter account in an attempt to encourage outsider art from certain at-risk individuals.

His subsequent attempts to express his conflicted relationship with Guillaume Latendresse brought him to the attention of this blog, which snapped him up following a frenzied bidding war with the Ottawa Sun. He is regularly described as "off-putting".

Chet's all-time favorite Senators team is this one. His proudest accomplishment is being followed by Robin Lehner on Twitter.

Twitter: @Chet_Sellers
Email: chetsellers09 at gmail dot com

Thanks a lot to Kevin and Chet for joining the blog! I'll be expecting at least a Latendresse level of production out of you two. So the bar is set high.
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