Pittsbonk: A photo diary of game 2 in Pittsburgh

by Bonk's Mullet

On Friday (and Saturday because adult beverages came between me and my blog on Friday night) I kept a live blog of the day's events as I traveled from Philly to Pittsburgh for game 2 of the Sens-Pens series. If you missed it, here's the blog.

Today I thought I'd share with you the visuals of the game. I warn you that some images may be shocking to some viewers, as I do not actually have a mullet, and at no point am I pantsless. I apologize for this.
I spotted this hairband on my way to the bus station.
Official Daniel Alfredsson hair band
I took the hairband as a sign that Alfie was going to let his hair loose that evening, as recommended by Ronald S. Cherry:

Due to some last minute hotel-booking luck, I ended up in the same hotel as the Sens for under 100 bucks. If you were wondering, yes they hand feed you grapes in your room. I ran into Zibanejad near the elevators, but unfortunately the moment was too passionate and intense to be captured on film.
Omni Hotel: "Sleep with the Senators!"

This is 10 minutes from the rink, but it's no Kanata.
We're not in Kanata anymore

My brave companion Jordan Nelson. He's from Wisconsin and became a Sens fan completely arbitrarily. This has earned him an official Bonk's Mullet Bump™.
Notice the 10 foot radius of hatred created by the jersey

Spotted by CBC. Can't escape the media these days.

Enemy territory. We enjoyed greater than one adult beverage out here. Beautiful day.

I think the Penguins need to change their jersey more often.

Apparently Elvis is a Pens fan. Unbeknownst to me, there is a strange history involving Elvis and the Penguins.

I don't remember this. How did this happen? Was I drugged?
Note the photobomber.

Your average Penguins fan.
Photo by Bruce Garrioch

This is Manon (left) and Steve (right) who drove all the way from Ottawa to see the game. They were also attending a Pirates game on Saturday night. Nobody deserves that kind of punishment.
They were almost as nice as the Consol Energy Center

Do they make other jerseys?
It turns out that's actually the team logo and they were all wearing their shirts backwards.

The Penguins game towel might have been a reference to Eugene Melnyk's famous quote in 2010, "buckle up, we're going all the way this year, and I mean it."
They are not #Rihannaing fans in Pittsburgh apparently.

The Sens didn't get the spotlight memo during the anthem.
Nailed it.
Met up with friend of the blog Jo Innes, our favourite Twitter doctor. I was not a fan of her friend.
Here I am respecting a sacred moment in Penguins history after the game. I'm not sure this is legal in Pennsylvania.
More like Minnesota down South stars.
Slightly more respectable photograph.
Except for the girl pooping on the statue in the back

Defeated, we return home.

Swedish bros forever.

Your favourite talking hairdo,
Radek Bonk's Mullet
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