Sens Tweets of the Week: Week 5

by the Bonk's Mullet Staff 

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Week 5 was a complete 180 degree turn for the Ottawa Senators. After an ugly three straight losses in week 4, the team crawled back up the standings with three straight victories and now sits just 1 point outside a wildcard playoff spot, or at least that's how we think the playoffs work. Here are some jokes people told on the internet this week:

Columbus: Ottawa 4 - Columbus 1 (Nov. 5)

Montreal: Ottawa 4 - Montreal 1 (Nov. 7)

Re: Eller being upset that Gryba never called him about the hit in the playoffs.

Re: Chris Neil leaving with an injury after getting hit in the face with a puck.

Florida: Ottawa 3 - Florida 2 (Nov. 9)


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