Game Summary by Robin Lehner: Robin Lehner beats Montreal #LehnerFacts

by Bonk's Mullet Robin Lehner

Hello little persons. I have taken over Bonk blog for tonight. This will teach them lesson for having the same password as me, "Lehnerbestalways." I will summarize the game now.

This is warm up face. Thanks to @haveasnack for photo. I will snack on my enemies for you.

1st Period

  • In first minute of the hockey game, Montreal player wakes me up from a nap. This makes me angry.
I never sleep with enemy
  • Smith and Gallagher boy both get penalty. What is penalty?
  • Andrei Markov player scores a goal past me because teammate deflect the puck. Teammate will pay. For dinner. I am a reasonable man.
  • Booby Ryan score a goal in the top half of net. In Sweden, we call this "top ost." Like fine Herrgårdsost.
  • CBC calls Bobby Ryan "new Alfie." They are wrong. I am new and old Alfie.
  • In intermission, CBC say Lars Eller is mad that Eric Gryba player did not apologize for head hit. Robin Lehner now waits for apology from Lars Eller.
  • In intermission, I call my brother, Horst Lehner:
He always use all the hot water.

2nd Period

  • Lehner team makes many turnovers, giving Habitants many shots at my net. I save all.
  • In the other team zone, Markov pass the rebound right onto stick of Marc Methot man. Inferior Price goaltender looks silly on play.
It is best for man to stand up to his enemies, not lay flat on face.
  • Mark Borowiecki score first career goal. I am bored at other end. I draw picture.
Ninja Turtles is the favourite cartoon
  • Montreal little player come into my crease. I black out in the rage. The camera technology films my face:
But my hair looks sexy good

3rd Period

  • Teammate fighter boy Chris Neil takes puck to the face. He gets bad scar.

  • This is Robin with scar face. Lol ;)
It is a joke with word plays. (Thanks to man of honour @Capital_Gains65)
  • Game is boring Robin. Only 34 shots at net from the little people of Montreal. The Lehner's team wins easy.
  • Here is selfie I took during the end of game for your enjoyment. I am very happy in hat:
They should have call the movie "1" (Thanks to good Twitter friend @Capital_Gains65)


The silly people of Twitter say facts about Robin. If you want facts, you should have asked Mamma Lehner. She knows me long time since I was child.

More Internet Pictures

I captured his soul. Kevin Lee captured the moment.
I take the helmet of Pardy man. Capital Gains take the picture.


Bästa Robin Lehner! Lehner team wins 4 goals to 1 lucky goal. I give the blog back now. Thank you Mullet people. I'll be back.

Thanks to Ryan Classic for final photo picture.
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