Since U Been Gone - Daniel Alfredsson Edition

by Matt Mostrey and the Bonk's Mullet Staff

You never know how people will react in emotionally-stressful situations. In late October, on the occasion of the Senators' first matchup against the Detroit Red Wings and former captain Daniel Alfredsson, we expressed our conflicted emotions the only way that made sense to us - by posting a series of bad Kelly Clarkson parody lyrics on Twitter. That prompted the following offer from musician and Twitter power-user @infiascomatt:

How could we say no to that? The words came quickly, like in our hearts they had always been there. Once Matt recorded it, we knew we had something special, and today, as Ottawa prepares for the return of Daniel Alfredsson, we share it with you. Alfredsson may be gone, but like the song says, now we get what we want.

As long as what we want is a hockey team with a losing record. Enjoy!

*We wrote these lyrics a while ago.
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